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Overthinking: A Ti Thing?

in Stereotypes

I think. I think all the time. I must be a Ti user… right? Perhaps you’re reading this and you think the idea sounds ridiculous. I mean, we all think, right? I’ve actually seen people who hyper focus in on how much they think, truly believing that it means they are a high Ti user. […]

By Mara on March 1, 2021

Arrow: Oliver Queen (ESFP)

in Movies/TV

(requested article) Se: Oliver Queen is a stereotypical, imbalanced Se dominant prior to becoming the Green Arrow. He is known for being a partier, a playboy, and a womanizer. He is reckless, impulsive, carefree and laid back. Of course, being rich affords him the luxury of indulging his every whim. He essentially lives completely in […]

By Mara on February 25, 2021

Be Wary of Type Descriptions

in Typing 101

Type descriptions really trip people up. Seriously. People go off and take some personality test, grab their given result, and start reading type descriptions. They then base the accuracy of their result off of what they find. Unfortunately, this is not always an accurate way to determine things and I’m going to list off some […]

By Mara on February 22, 2021
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