Seven Deadly Sins: Zeldris (ESTJ)

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(requested article) We see a lot of people typing him as an ENTJ, which we were suspecting at one point. However, after finishing the anime, and reading the remainder of the manga, ESTJ actually seems more likely. Te: “Listen. You better lay off the coddling.” “I will not accept this!” “Stop this futile resistance. You […]

By Mara on March 18, 2021

ID:Invaded: Akihito Narihisago (ISTP)

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After talking with someone who speaks Japanese, we learned that this show and Narihisigo’s personality were changed significantly when being translated into English. In the Japanese version, it sounds like he’s an INTP. However, since we don’t know Japanese we can only type the English version of the show; and the evidence there points to […]

By Ryan and Mara on February 18, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins: Griamore (ISFJ)

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(requested article) Griamore didn’t get a whole lot of development due to not being one of the main characters in the show. This is our best guess. Si: “But if she does attempt such a thing, Princess Veronica’s life could be put in danger.” Griamore is another character that doesn’t get a lot of development […]

By Mara on January 28, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins: Dreyfus (ESTJ)

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(requested article) We’re aware that Dreyfus was being controlled by a demon for a very long time. However, the demon does state that he had to act like Dreyfus in order to keep up the act, and Dreyfus’s personality doesn’t seem to change pre and post possession so we’re going to treat it all as […]

By Ryan and Mara on January 21, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins: Escanor (INFP/ESTJ)

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(requested article + bonus article) There is a pretty prominent split between the Day and Night versions of Escanor’s type. As such we will be giving him a duel typing with a Night and Day section under each section. Because there was more evidence for his night form we are going to lead with that […]

By Ryan and Mara on January 16, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas (ESTP)

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(requested article) Se: “I guess we’ll learn the answer when we get there.” “Less talking, more drinking.” “Well… I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes.” “Nope. Just sounds like fun.” Meliodas is the epitome of a dominant extroverted sensor. He’s laid back and presents a seemingly nonchalant attitude about life. He’s not one to […]

By Mara on January 11, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins: Elizabeth (ISFJ)

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(requested article) Si: “When I was young, I used to be scolded by my father for pulling pranks.” Elizabeth is constantly referencing the past. Many of these references are unnecessary, but prompted somehow by something going on around her. A good example can be seen when Meliodas compliments her on her earrings, she explains her […]

By Mara on January 4, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins: Gilthunder (ISTJ)

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(requested article) Si: “It was a sandcrawler. They live in the desert and mainly prey on small animals, so it’s not much of a threat. However, when it’s fully grown, it turns into an earthcrawler, increasing in size and ferocity. Some earth crawlers have been known to swallow entire houses and tyrant dragons too. Of […]

By Ryan and Mara on January 1, 2021

Seven Deadly Sins: Hendrickson (INTJ)

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(requested article) We’re a little uncertain as to how the demon was influencing Hendrickson during the first season of the show… It looks as if Hendrickson is just evil of his own accord, but then later after he turns good, Meliodas makes a comment about him having been under Fraudrin’s control the whole time… even […]

By Mara on December 23, 2020

Seven Deadly Sins: Merlin (INTJ)

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(requested article) Ni: “Experiments are time consuming, you know, and even as I engage in them, I find new interests, new phenomena in the world. No matter how much I try to quench my thirst for knowledge, I find myself wanting more, but human life is finite after all. Thus, making it impossible to truly […]

By Mara on December 21, 2020